Joomla! Administrator Exam, October 2019

The Joomla! Administrator Certification Exam, in conjunction with JoomlaDay Chicago 2019.

JoomlaDay Chicago is offering the exam as well as an add-on Exam Cram session.


Oct 12, 2019
14:00:00 -  16:00:00
The registration period is from Mar 09, 2019 08:00:00 to Oct 09, 2019 23:00:00

Event description:

From the Joomla! Certification site:

"The Joomla! Administrator Exam is the first available Joomla! certification exam. It covers topics related to the everyday use of building, managing and maintaining Joomla! websites.

The Administrator Exam is part of the Joomla! Certification Program. Its goals are to establish a certain standard and provide a documented measurement of knowledge. This ensures the competence of Joomla! professionals and contributes to the development of a qualified workforce. It will also provide clients an easier way to find a Joomla! Professional."

This exam will be held in Room 8011.

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