2019 JoomlaDay Speaker Joe Sonne

Joe got involved with Joomla! in 2005 during his time as Director of Communications for a national association in Canada. In this capacity he was responsible for the deployment & maintenance of a full web based enterprise system. Joe brought Joomla! into the association where it was used for the head office Intranet and as well as several association micro sites.

Since that time Joe has primarily been a site integrator and designer. His approach to Joomla! projects has been to form ad-hoc teams of professionals based on the requirements and skills needed to produce them. In the Joomla! community Joe is a well known speaker and writer about all things Joomla. He contributes to the Joomla! community by sharing knowledge at various JoomlaDays in the United States as well as the larger international events such as J and Beyond and the Joomla! World Conference. Joe co-founded two Joomla! User Groups in Canada. He has written articles for the Joomla! Magazine and also has a popular blog about Joomla. Joe is a former board member of Open Source Matters (OSM). OSM is a not-for-profit formed under United States and New York state law that provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla! open source project. He is currently a volunteer team member of the Capital Committee.


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