Meet the people who develop and use Joomla!

The Joomla! community is as important as the software we use. Joomla Day Chicago provides attendees with the unique opportunity to meet, network and share with a wide variety of Joomla! users, service providers, developers, trainers and open source evangelists.

Learn more about Joomla!

At Joomla Day Chicago, experienced presenters will share their knowledge about Joomla! and other relevant marketing and business topics. Whether you’re a novice user who just wants to focus on the basics of successful Joomla! use, or you’re an experienced website manager, administrator, developer or service provider with more in-depth needs, you’ll find something for your professional development at Joomla Day Chicago.

Learn about Joomla! development

Exciting things are happening with the Joomla! CMS and Platform development. Joomla Day Chicago has scheduled sessions that include presentations by well-respected experts, developers and leaders in the Joomla! community who will bring you up to speed on the current CMS development cycle, as well as the new possibilities that the Joomla! Platform Project provides.