• JoomlaDay Chicago 2020

    October 16-17, 2020

Go Professional and become a Certified Joomla! Administrator! Having the Administrator Badge on your website shows your clients and colleagues that you have a thorough knowledge of Joomla! on October 16th you can take an Administrator exam during the JoomlaDay Chicago weekend and become part of a select group of Joomla! Professionals.


Friday, October 16th from 3 pm to 5 pm at Danico Enterprises

From the Joomla! Certification website:

The Joomla! Administrator Exam is the first available Joomla! certification exam. It covers topics related to the everyday use of building, managing and maintaining Joomla! websites.

The Administrator Exam is part of the Joomla! Certification Program. Its goals are to establish a certain standard and provide a documented measurement of knowledge. This ensures the competence of Joomla! professionals and contributes to the development of a qualified workforce. It will also provide clients an easier way to find a Joomla! Professional.

The Joomla! Administrator Exam is based on a clean Joomla! installation (downloaded from joomla.org) using the default language (en-GB), the default editor (TinyMCE), default template (Protostar) and settings, without any 3rd party extension or customization.

To study for the exam, you can visit the Learning Guide and also attend the Exam Review.

REGISTER to save your spot in the room.  
About a month before the event you will receive a link to PURCHASE YOUR EXAM from joomla.org


The actual price of a Joomla! exam is different per country. To give everybody the opportunity to take the exam, the prices are based on the so-called “Big Mac Index”. The price for the Administrator Exam in the US is $75.


Danico Enterprises, Inc, 8 West Campbell, Suite 200 West B, Arlington Heights, IL 60005


  • You must REGISTER for this exam through Joomla (see EXAM REGISTRATION)
  • You must bring your own LAPTOP (PC or MAC/OS)  that we can install software on via a USB drive