• JoomlaDay Chicago 2020

    October 17, 2020 - DePaul University Loop Campus


Of all the features introduced throughout Joomla 3, subforms is the one I rely on most.  Subforms are a field type like text, dropdowns, and date pickers. Subforms solve important content issues and significantly improve usability in managing content and settings.

In this presentation I will provide an introduction to subforms, what they can do, and the flex points where we can customize them within our own projects and extensions.  Then I will demo and discuss the various ways I have deployed subforms across projects.  I’ve come across interesting client needs, and I will illustrate some creative solutions using subforms. 

For those of you who are a developer, I will show you how I incorporate subforms into my custom extensions.  If you are not a developer, you will be exposed to the potential of subforms and be able to contact me or another custom developer to solve that challenging content problem.

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