2020 JoomlaDay Speaker

Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi ran 3.5% of the internet. With 20 years of experience as an open-source executive (President Joomla), entrepreneur, and evangelist, Robert works with small to Fortune 500 companies as a Global Strategist and Solution Ambassador to increase revenue and market awareness.

Robert is an international, well known, and respected speaker/contributor to open source, hosting, and infrastructure communities. He has served in multiple roles with Joomla, a member of Make WordPress Hosting, a contributor to ICANN At-Large, and former Chair for the Technical Outreach Working Group of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition.


Kick Some SaaS

SaaS is the key to value selling and recurring revenue. Understanding different SaaS models as well as integrations will inform you how best to create your offerings in-house whether developed internally or applied from external solutions.

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