2020 JoomlaDay Speaker Philip Walton

After writing my own CMS type software I came across mambo and then Joomla and decided that was a better way to go.

I went to my first Joomla Day in Maidstone and soon after formed the London Joomla User Group undefined which has been running for over a decade with monthly meetings.

Have written plugins, modules and components. Contributed to the documentation of Joomla and have lead the CMS release team for a number of years. Recently helped with the PBF (Pizza Bugs and Fun) in 2019 and run the BF@H (Bugs and Fun @Home) events


Bugs and Fun @Home

Bugs and Fun @Home is running all-day October 17th. I will highlight what has been done followed by a quick run-through of "how-to" for anyone who wants to join in the fun. Bugs and Funf @Home runs all day across multiple/all timezones.

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