• JoomlaDay Chicago 2020

    October 16-17, 2020

Joomla 4 is on the horizon and will be closer than ever to the standards of the modern web. Underlying scripts will not rely on external libraries any longer, reducing dependencies for the years ahead. For small javascript tasks, writing directly to the DOM may be faster than relying on libraries such as jQuery.

In this hands-on session, we will see how small jQuery tasks can be easily rewritten with plain javascript.

In this session, Jason Nickerson will showcase the current state of SEO and Website Optimization and the issues facing Joomla users.

By the end of Jason’s talk you will learn how to optimize your Joomla site from hosting to core.

A demo and discussion of the most important-yet-ignored feature recently added to Joomla 

 In this session, Jason Nickerson will take a look at technologic advancements and design concepts that will drive the web into the future.

Open Source projects have become the leader of software development and Joomla is one of the largest Open Source communities. In this talk Jason Nickerson will expose the cult like attention and following in the project and how becoming a volunteer lead Jason to the board of Open Source Matters and a dream job with the cPanel team.

Building a successful Joomla based business starts with a dream. How do you go from dream to reality?

In this session you will hear inside stories of those that have built successful Joomla and other related businesses. We will identify some of the obstacles that pop up along the way and how to deal with them. There will be some surprising examples of those who overcame obstacles and became very successful.

This is a motivational session that will be good for those getting started in their own business or for those who are stuck at a spot in their business and are having trouble getting past an obstacle.

Membership sites are growing in popularity and profit. But when I wanted to start one, I couldn’t find a lot of resources for Joomla. So I researched and found Joomla components and plug-ins which allow the creation of a great membership site.

Come hear which components I chose and why, why I chose to stick with Joomla, and how the first few months have been in the GermanWithNicole Klub.

Picking a CMS is a technical, business, and personal decision. You'll learn about the future of content management, and why migrating to InvisibleCMS is critical to your success.

Knowing basic metrics and stats on your Joomla site does not cut it any more. Do you have goals? Can you track your sales funnel and know drop off points? Are you using that data to improve your goals? Do you know what the bottlenecks and pinch points are? I'll walk through the basics of getting more out of the analytics you are gathering on your site.

Go beyond the basics and learn how to push your template development further. Learn advanced techniques that will allow you to do things in Joomla! that were difficult or impossible before.

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